The Scandals of Miss Asia Pacific World

    Miss Asia Pacific World Scandals:
    - The first time, a country has two candidates at a beauty Pageants: Son Ji Hyun and Park Sae Byul (the winner).
    - Miss Guyana, Miss Wales and Miss Costa Rica left the Contest and try to escape back home. They first had a meeting with the organizers to discuss the rising problems and issues within the Miss Asia Pacific Pageant. According to the three, Miss China and Venezuela did not participate in Miss Talent competition but thew won the first and second runner-up. The organizer said he did not know why. They call the police but after being “persuaded” by the organizers, the police went away. The girls went to the police station but the organizers did not allow the only interpreter to go with them. The girls could not do anything else because they don’t know Korean.
    - The escape of the three girls. Miss Guyana, Miss Wales and Miss Costa Rica decided to leave to pageant and go home. However, the organizers followed them to the airport and kept their luggage. They were promised to have high place in the pageant if they stay. The airport police has to intervene to let them go.
    - Rumor around the winner Park Sae Byul. Park Sae Byul winning is a big surprise to all the contestants. According to a member of Missosology, Park Sae Byul is 29-year-old, not 24 as registered. She is a widow, not a divorced as registered. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall, not 5 feet 7 inches.

    Confessions Of A Beauty Queen - DAY 12/13 Warning to ALL Beauty Queens

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