Hispanic American Queen 2011 - Special Awards

    Hispanic American Queen 2011: special awards:

    Paraguay, Colombia, Spain, Curaçao, Bolivia

    Paraguay, Colombia, Spain, Curaçao, Bolivia
    The main beauty pageant in the Americas, Hispanic American Queen 2011, is currently taking place in Bolivia, and a few special awards were given to the contestants during a gala presentation. They were:

    Chica Aerosur: Spain, Alba Fortes
    Most Beautiful Face Yanbal: Bolivia, Yessica Mouton
    Most Beautiful Hair Sedal: Paraguay, Alba Riquelme
    Miss Elegance Candela: Curaçao, Eva van Putten
    Most Beautiful Figure Paceña: Curaçao, Eva van Putten
    Most Beautiful Smile: Colombia, Diana Mina
    Miss Photogenic Guabira: Curaçao, Eva van Putten

    Miss Brazil, Tamara Almeida, unfortunately felt sick and had to be taken to a hospital. The local organization took her to the best clinic in town and has been taking very good care of her. The Brazilian beauty queen is now doing better. It is unknown if Almeida will be able to compete in the pageant’s final event, on October 27.

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