Meet Miss World 2011 Contestant - Netherlands - Jill Lauren DE ROBLES

    Miss World 2011 - Netherlands - Jill Lauren DE ROBLES


    Name : Jill Lauren DE ROBLES
    Age : 22
    Height : 175
    Languages : Dutch & English


    Jill has a bachelor degree in cultural anthropology and hopes to study the Spanish language next year. Jill adores animals and has two cats, two dogs and horses. Hobbies include: listening to music, watching movies, dancing and snowboarding.


    Tell us a little something about your Country ?

    The town I grew up in, Emmen, is a small town in the province of Drenthe which is in the northeast of Holland close to the German border. Drenthe is famous for its nature; many older couples move to Emmen to retire. The Dutch Queen regularly visits Drenthe to horseback ride.

    Future ambitions ?

    Gain a VWO Degree and Bachelor in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Utrecht. Next year, I would like to study Spanish as well.

    Describe yourself

    I am a very easy going girl. I love sports and I like to have fun with my friends. Another thing that describes me is the fact I am stubborn and cannot stand injustice (which fits my interest for culture).

    Personal Motto?

    Whatever you think, always consider the opposite too.

    Favourite food ?

    My favourite food is not a typical Drenthe or Dutch dish but a sandwich with bakkeljauw which is a family recipe from Suriname made from codfish. Delicious!

    Favourite Music / Books ?

    I like different kinds of music: soul, R&B and Latin therefore I don’t really have a favourite singer, but lots of singers. I really like Bruno Mars who is very popular in the Netherlands. I like enjoy listening to folk music, soul and blues singer Jusic Nozuka who is of Canadian/Japanese descent.

    Do you have any pets?

    In my old house I owned many pets: two dogs, two cats and horse, but, now I live in an apartment where I live solely with my cat, Moos. My horse just gave birth to a foal. I adore animals so I really like to be surrounded by them.

    What is the proudest moment of your life or most memorable day?

    I am proud of myself when I am challenged with an adventure which is expected to be difficult and I manage to accomplish it. So that is not one moment or one memorable day, but many. I am looking forward to travelling to Spain, alone, for two months. I hope to add it to my list of proudest moments.

    Any other interesting facts ?

    I am interested in horseback riding, dancing, snowboarding, watching movies and going out with friends.

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