Custom Transformer

    DeLorean Transformer Custom by ~Raggletag on deviantART

    Custom Transformer: Power-Up Prime.

    This custom Batmobile-style Transformer was posted on the always

    This custom Transformers figure is currently at $220.00 after 27 bids at the ...

    Post image for Custom Transformers G1 Devastator

    So, here's a preview of my first custom Transformer!

    Cals Customs, Custom Kitbash, custom painted transformers

    *See more custom Transformers here. *Buy

    Want to have your Transformers custom featured on

    Someone has put up a custom-built Power-Up Prime

    Currently at $1225 on eBay, this beautiful Optimus Prime transformer "comes ...

    Custom Transformer ROTF Voyager Constructicon.

    Custom Halo Transformer: So Cool, The

    Motorcycle with sidecar custom Transformer

    You can now get your very own custom Master
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