Miss Humanity International 2011 Contestant - Miss Australia, Alyssa Stringfellow

    Profile Info

    Country: Commonwealth of Australia
    Age: 25 years
    Height: 170.20 cm
    Occupation: Actress/Model
    Horoscope: Taurus


    We are brought in to this world to stand up for those who are not able to speak and to build up those around us with everything we have.


    Baking, singing, dancing, skate boarding, yoga, listening to music, Surfing, writing, reading, watching science fiction movies!!


    Alyssa Stringfellow is a 25 year old young woman who has always followed her dreams and passions. Along the way there were times when she became lost but through strength and perseverance fought her way back on track which has made her stronger than ever. God has blessed her with a beautiful family.She has an amazing father, a beautiful sister and crazy nieces who she loves immensely. Family has given Alyssa greater reason to push for her goals and strive for her beliefs because she wants her nieces to grow up in a world where there is more tolerance, more love and freedom of expression. Alyssa grew up in a few different small towns in different countries and left home at a young age to pursue her dreams and goals. She has represented Australia at a number of international pageants and it is always great to bring awareness to her homeland. It is her aim to live everyday with love generosity and compassion and when available a cup of green tea which she is more than slightly addicted to.

    Humanitarian Advocacy:

    All children have the right to dream and have those dreams come true. It is for this reason that Alyssa Stringfellow has joined forces with The MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION AUSTRALIA because they encourage critically ill children to share their dreams and the members of the organisation work to make those dreams a reality. This is a cause that Alyssa is very passionate about. She views these children as innocent beauties who are often in pain bravely smile and fight to live as their families prayer for miracle. The Make A Wish Foundation is able to create lasting memories for these families to hold on to long after their loved ones have passed on. Children are miracles, we try to protect them from harm, pain, shelter them as much as we can but sometimes we can not escape from illness. These children who send in their wishes are brave strong angels who deserve all the love and joy they can have fitted in to their lives. Join her - Alyssa Stringfellow Miss Humanity International Australia as she endeavors to make WISHES COME TRUE!!

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