Miss Humanity International 2011 Contestant - Miss Cuba, Liz Valdez's Photo & Profile/Biography

    Profile Info

    Country: Republic of Cuba
    Age: 24 years
    Height: 174.00 cm
    Occupation: Student & Model
    Horoscope: Capricorn


    Reading, School, Travel, Work Out (Run,Gym,Aerobics), Languages, Exploring Cultures, My Family & Friends. Salsa teacher - I teach Teenagers how to dance Salsa :)!


    From the age of 16, I wanted to be a pediatric nurse. My love for children led me to work towards an Internship. There were children from all around the world. One child from Africa was nine years old and had both his legs amputated due to an accident in the country of his birth. It was heart-wrenching to see him like that because he kept saying " I love to play soccer and now I cant play it anymore...." I tried my best to remain strong and to not show him how sad I felt for him. He needed someone to encourage him that life can still be enjoyed even with his disability. I took him out to the city and showed him places around the hospital.

    At the end of his treatment the child was happy, smiling and just like any child should be he was fearless! This is one of the many situations that I encountered many of them were unethical which made me decide to stop working at the hospital. I could no longer endure the harsh treatments that some of the nurses administered to the children. I tried to speak to the director of the hospital but being only a 16 year old female I was ignored and not taken seriously. I studied medicine for three years while working at the hospital in the city where I lived but I lost my passion because patients were not getting the care that they deserved.

    My life went in a new direction after that I began studying Spanish, English and German which led me to move to Teneriffa, Spain where I worked as a secretary in a hotel for three months. After that stint I moved to Germany to pursue a degree in International Business and I currently work as a model. I have participated in Miss Galaxy 2009 where I placed in the top three finalists, Miss Friendship International 2010 where I was first runner up and dubbed Miss Disco Queen and Miss Queen of the World 2010 where I placed in the top ten.

    When my studies are completed it is my intention to become an entrepreneur working with people from foreign countries who live in Germany by educating them about their legal rights and teaching them how to lead successful careers in a foreign country.

    Humanitarian Advocacy:

    Being Cuban by birth I know too well the disadvantage of not being able to make my own decisions. The ability to acknowledge human rights is not accepted...it is sad to say this but my people - CUBANS- that still live in Cuba have to live under a regime that dictates their way of life.

    Life is hard....often children do not go to school because they have to work to help out their families. I am very ecstatic to know that there is FINALLY a pageant that focuses on important issues not only beautiful women but women who have a passion for Human Rights around the world. Now I am in a position for my voice to be heard. This pageant can bring about change in a positive way.

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