Miss Humanity International 2011 Contestant - Miss Antigua and Barbuda , Netisha Alie

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    Country: Antigua and Barbuda
    Age: 23 years
    Height: 170.20 cm
    Occupation: Teacher
    Horoscope: Pisces


    Life is an ongoing process filled with opposites that are vital to create balance and give worth to our existence. Even from creation,light was brought to "level out darkness". In order for individuals to have lived to their full potential , they would need to encounter a full range of experiences; from the good to the bad and the ups and downs. Nothing in life happens without an equal and opposite result. No one person can confess that he has always been happy or has always been sad. When we are happy we should expect a sad moment to follow and vice versa as these emotions, like everything else we encounter in life, occur to create balance and stability in our universe. Our minds are very powerful and are our greatest resource. Once we know how to control it, everything else becomes its tool. However, there is a greater being that is above it, giving it a more wholesome direction. That is why in life, various cultures find different mediums to connect to this higher being which in my cultural orientation we refer to as God. Hence, towards such supremacy we give reverence, glory and worship as we recognise that compared to this higher power, we are but weak.

    Hobbies: swimming, dancing and modeling.


    Netisha Alie was born in 1988 in the Caribbean island of Dominica. She is the daughter of a crop farmer and a home health care aid worker. Netisha spent her early years in Dominica where she was raised in the countryside in a village called Petite Soufriere.

    Alie attended primary and secondary school in a nearby community. Her childhood was an over protective one and even though under intense parental pressure, she managed to be a leader and a role model to many of her younger friends and would often help them with their homework and offer advice. Growing up, she was also actively involved in church and school; partaking in youth groups, drama and debate clubs, student counsels and choirs.

    Trained to live life cautiously, Netisha full of ambition, moved on to attend college and earned her Associate Degree in Psychology & Sociology at the age of eighteen. She then moved to the neighbouring island of Antigua in search of job opportunities. Due to her extreme love and care for others, particularly children, Netisha became a primary school teacher and has been in this role ever since. She is known for her kindness, enthusiasm and good rapport with students, parents and co-workers.

    Netisha finds inspiration from her students' achievements and surrounds herself with positive friends. Apart from being a dedicated teacher, she also volunteers her time to help at the Hope Tree Foundation, (home for abandon children). With these efforts, she hopes to make her contribution to society by targeting its future; the children. Netisha intends to further her education and is currently enrolled as a student at The University College Of The Caribbean, Jamaica.

    Upon completion of University, Netisha plans to start a charitable organization whose goal is to provide a safe and constructive place for neglected children.

    If she wins this competition, she will use the exposure gained to help gain further support to develop this charity in the Caribbean at large and would be pleased to have made her mark in society.

    Humanitarian Advocacy:

    I chose to highlight neglected children, especially those by parents who may have to work more than one job to make ends meet. There are also those parents who would rather do everything else but raise a child.

    I chose this cause because I have witnessed its devastating effects on children and I would very much like to take a stand and help with the education and information in the wider society about this. Four main socialization groups - the family, religion, school and society, raise children. Should any of these groups fail to provide its responsibilities, especially the family other factors will take its role.

    When a child is abandoned by its main source of socialization, which is the family, it looks to other sources to fill the void. With no parents to provide directions, society and all its ailments are now left with one more open and curious mind to feed and with the rapid increase in technology nothing is hidden. Children need parents to guide them as to what is right from wrong. Being exposed to 'the big bad world' alone there is a 50/50 chance that they will be embedded by the negative as well as the positive.

    By highlighting this issue one that many seem not to notice, I hope to contribute towards the decrease in a criminal society and to provide direction for these children along with increased attention about the situation so that it can be curbed.

    Special thanks and credits to misshumanityinternational
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