Miss Mongolia Buyankhishig Unurbayar was crowned Miss World Bikini Model 2011

    BEIJING, Sept. 4 (Xinhua) According to Taiwan > report, '2011 World Bikini Model Contest' on the 3rd host the finals, the first 43 contestants to wear clothing of the local characteristics, followed by evening and the highlight of bikini show. supermodel Zhou Danwei senior, senior media people Nien Chang-yu, Huang Wei De artists such as 13 to act as judges, elected into the European tourism, Asia and the world bikini three awards, and a total of seven other individual awards.
    It is reported that Taiwan won the Miss Lin Qian An Asian champion and Miss Bikini World Miss Bikini fourth, Zhou Danwei praise her body ratio is representative of Asia's most well-proportioned, wearing bikinis are nice, 'beautiful bikini wear breast size is not but look at the overall proportion. '
    Miss Mongolia Buyankhishig Unurbayar in the individual awards for best evening gown award and the Best Stage Award, and won the runner-up Miss Asia Bikini and Miss Bikini World champion, is the biggest winner of the night(http://www.f-paper.com/). Nien Chang-yu think her tour in the mainland when the outstanding talent, will sing dance, language skills are strong, and though the East face, but a good body does not lose the West.

    Miss Anna Caroline Jonsson Axmacher Sweden in addition to the best body award or runner-up Miss World Bikini In addition, the European champion Hungary, Miss Tourism, Miss Marta Zemplenyi get, Kosovo, Miss Elva Pane also won the most photogenic award, runner-up Miss Tourism and Miss World Bikini fifth in three awards.

    Individual awards, the Miss Thailand Manatsanan Vongchant Although tension, which serves to feature clothing, they also almost knocked off the hair, the last is still the best dress award. Zhoudan Wei Chan Singapore Miss Jie-Ying Huang Although petite, pretty hip but, in addition to won the best popular award, or the third Miss Bikini Asia.

    Zhou Danwei that Miss Korea Eun-Ji Lee has a cute Baby face, although the performance is not professional, but very appealing to viewers, typhoon sound, won the Miss Asia Bikini fourth.

    Miss Buyankhishig Unurbayar Mongolia outstanding talent, language ability, taken away champion(News News http://www.f-paper.com/). Source: Taiwan >

    Taiwan's best show on Showcase Lilin Qian An evening dress. Source: Taiwan

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